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How do I deposit funds into my account?
How do I deposit funds into my account?
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To start investing, you'll first need to fund your Ember Bitcoin Wallet by tapping the Wallet tab at the bottom of the app, and then tapping on the green "Deposit Funds" button.

From there, you can use a few different ways to deposit funds into Ember:

  1. Debit / Credit Card to buy crypto with our partners Transak or MoonPay

  2. Transfer from Exchange to your Ember wallet

  3. Receive Bitcoin directly from an external wallet to your Ember Bitcoin Wallet address

  4. Receive Crypto, which will convert the token you send into Ember into Bitcoin

Once you have funds in your Ember Bitcoin Wallet, you can scroll down and tap on the Portfolio sub-tab (still on the Wallets page). From here, you can invest in the portfolio of your choosing!

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