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I Forgot My Username or Password
I Forgot My Username or Password
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In this article, we will address the following issues:

  • I forgot my username and/or password

  • I forgot the answers to my security questions

  • How do I reset my password?

Ember employs self-custody wallets, similar to Metamask, Rainbow, Coinbase wallet, and other non-custodial wallets. This means that your login credentials serve as your private keys to access this wallet. Since we don't retain user login details, only the users themselves can access their funds.

While this approach offers security and control for our users, it also means that our users are solely responsible for their login information. Unfortunately, when users forget their login credentials or the answers to their security questions, we are unable to assist. There is no way for us to reset your password on our end, resend a password recovery link, or assist you in answering your security questions.

With that said, here are some final efforts that you could try:

  1. If you previously set up Password Recovery on your account, you would've sent yourself an email titled "Ember Recovery Link" at the time. I recommend searching for this email in both your Inbox and Sent folder. You would have sent yourself this Recovery email from your own email address. There's a small hint in this email for your username as well.

  2. Search for any screenshots that you may have taken of your Ember Settings page. In the top left of this Settings page, you will find your username (above your email). This should hopefully help you with logging in.

  3. If you have access to your original device, you may see a dropdown showing past usernames on the Login page. If this option appears for you, clicking on your username should redirect you to Touch/Face ID login.

  4. Continue trying to guess your username/password combo.

Please note: We do not store any username/password and do not have any access to your crypto/account on our end - make sure you have written your credentials somewhere safe.

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